Capturing sacred moments between mother (or father) and child is such a deeply moving experience for me, especially because I am a mother myself and know just how quickly time flies as our little ones grow. Being able to create lasting photographic memories for them to look back and reminisce upon those precious moments of love, joy, and laughter is amazingly rewarding for me.

It was with great honor that I was able to do exactly that for the beautiful mommy-daughter duo, Ruth and, 8 month old, Ellie, who were visiting the islands for a few days. Ruth lived here before and missed Hawaii so deeply she decided it was time to visit, but this time she brought along her adorable newest little one. I was lucky enough to be the one Ruth connected with about doing a mommy & baby portrait session while they were here.

It just so happened that the morning of our mommy & baby portrait photo session, I had the privilege of photographing the incredible Home Birth of Baby Jaxon and only had a few hours in between sessions. I barely had time to rush home, nurse and cuddle my 18 month old, grab a bite to eat, take a power nap, and then head back out the door. Yet even though my day had already been quite full, I was truly looking forward to my mommy & baby portrait session with Ruth and Ellie, so I was energized and excited to meet them for the first time.

We met at Bellows a little before sunset and let the magic unfold as we frolicked along the gentle beach. I had such a wonderful time watching Ruth and Ellie play in the sand, splash around in the waves, and share sincerely tender moments between them of breastfeeding and baby wearing.

I am so proud of the images we created that day and am honored to be able to share this fusion image video from Ruth and Ellie’s mommy & baby portrait session in Hawaii. Please enjoy…

hawaii mommy baby portrait photography families children ©Lisachalyphotographybabywearing mommy and baby portrait photography Honolulu Hawaii ©LisaChalyPhotography

To learn more about the baby wearing wraps Ruth is wearing, please check out Oscha Slings




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