The day my dear friend Emaley called to tell me she was leaving Hawaii and moving to the mainland, I was both sad and excited to know that she and her beautiful family would be starting a wonderful new adventure. I was especially honored when she asked me to take their final Aloha family portrait images, the day before they were to be leaving the island.

We decided do their family portrait session at Waimanalo beach, which was a fabulous choice with the gorgeous mountains in the distance against the stellar sunset. We let the children, Keenin and Reese, run around first and captured their playfulness together perfectly. I then had Emaley and her husband, Doug, share some sweet flirty moments by the water and then moved on to the whole family portrait fun! They ran a few times along the beach together, jumped around, made crazy faces, kissed and hugged, and then…as the sun was setting behind the mountains, they cuddled up close on the soft sand, giggled wildly, then breathed in their last evening in Hawaii…and magic was created!

They now have a gorgeous family portrait hanging above their fireplace in their beautiful new home…and I am incredibly stoked to be able to say that I helped create that moment, one that they will cherish for many, many years to come! Such a blessing to be able to do what you love and create works of art that bring so much joy and love to others.

Please check out the lovely slideshow of their playful family portrait session:


and here are a few sneak peek images:

family children portrait honolulu hawaii photography

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