Watching our little ones grow up is so bittersweet! On one hand we are thrilled they are reaching their milestones and we love how much and how quickly they learn every day, from first words to learning to walk. On the other hand, it becomes tear inducing to remember how fleeting these precious moments truly are and how important it is to capture them here and now…and what better way to do than through a fabulously fun baby portrait session!!

I had the honor and joy of capturing some adorable moments between this beautiful mother and daughter duo, Lani and baby Harley. Of course, with Harley’s birthday being so close to Mother’s Day, a baby portrait plus “Mommy & Me” session was a perfect way to enjoy their special day. I especially loved Harley’s awesome Sophia-the-First themed birthday dress; she was just too cute in her little princess attire. It was such a delight watching Harley explore her cake as well, although, I think she had some serious mixed emotions about the whole cake smashing thing…

Check out this quick image slideshow to see just what I mean 😉

…and a few of my favorite images from Harley’s Baby Portrait / Cake Smash + “Mommy & Me” Session

fb-cover Harley-10x10-copy


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