Aloha! Iʻm Lisa Chaly (pronounced “Sha-lee”) and I absolutely love portrait photography! It truly inspires me to create beautiful images that show the love, joy, depth, and sacred connections of our souls.

Having years of experience as a professional model, actress, and model coach, I understand what itʻs like to be on both sides of the camera. I believe this is what gives me an advantage when it comes to directing others to capture the perfect moment. I also know how important it is to feel comfortable, so I always strive to create a fun, relaxed, and heartfelt experience in order to inspire the best in everyone.

When I am not busy enjoying my time behind the camera, I can be found playing with my 3 children and wonderful husband, singing, songwriting, swimming, doing yoga, baking healthy goodies, gardening, and giving thanks for this amazing adventure in life. I also love watching movies; The Never Ending Story and The Princess Bride are two of my all time favorites. Of course, life is an amazing movie in and of itself!

Yes, I love capturing life in pictures. It brings me great honor to watch people fall in love with their portraits; it warms my heart to no avail. There is nothing quite like a photograph to transport us back to those precious, yet fleeting, moments in life that deserve to be treasured forever. As a mother myself, I understand this firsthand. It is so rewarding to do this for others and I am truly inspired to continue growing and learning as an artist along my image making journey.

Every day and in every way…blessed be.



P.S… I really look forward to working with you! 🙂











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